Welcome to Fairway

a blockchain powered asset manager


In Fairway you can issue, buy, sell and use assets in public blockchain network. An asset can be anything that has value and can be represented in digital form. Gift cards, green fees, all kinds of tickets are examples of easily digitalized assets. Blockchain assets can not be tampered or double spended. There is no need for central management and only trusted party you need is the issuer of the asset.

At the moment Fairway is in test phase and smart the contract is run in Rinkeby testnet. New users get 100 fraction units of Rinkeby Ether within the registration and can apply more Rinkeby ether from https://faucet.rinkeby.io/


1. Issue an asset of your own. Sell it to others and burn it when it is used.

2. Buy some asset. Use it and let the issuer burn the asset.

In order to buy an asset you need to know the account of the seller and the asset id. The issuers could have this information in their web page or it can be sent by email. There are already two predefined assets in the blockchain you can use:

The easiest way to use an asset is to open the assets qr-code in smart phone. There is functionality of qr-reader in the burning page and you can use it with web cam to mimic the real purchase.

Only the issuer is allowed to burn an asset. When the issuer wants to burn an asset he sends a request to the owner. After the owner accepts the request, the asset is burned. Operations and balance updates in Rinkeby blockchain can take several seconds - be patient.